About Us

A singular vision... one woman's passion... the area's finest eyewear selection... exclusive international collections... incomparable individual attention and distinctive personal service. These six core lenses are the essential elements that allow customers to see the Optical Shop as such a special eyewear buying experience.

Today, after more than 25 years later, it remains focused on those key essentials of Georgeann Kohn's singular vision. Plus, her passion for eyewear, special brand of enthusiasm and a deeply perceptive sensitivity to people's personalities, have influenced and infused countless clients. Many at first might be apprehensive about the prospect of wearing glasses, but often leave their appointment confident and smiling, somehow transformed, recognizing she has helped them not only see better, but has empowered them to put their best face forward for all the world to see.

The warm individual rapport she and her staff cultivate with their discerning and loyal clientele enables them to suggest and present eyewear selections particularly suited to fit an individual customer's unique facial features, lifestyle, taste and personality. Satisfied customers leave the shop not only seeing better, but often seeing themselves in a fresh, new way. Many go on to become life-long FOG's (Friends of Georgeann's) a loyal and enthusiastic band of Optical Shop promoters and Georgeann supporters who can be identified in public by their stylish glasses, and the way they great each other, "I like your glasses. Did you get them from Georgeann?"

The Optical Shop ranks among a very select, elite group of fine eyewear retailers in the U.S. and is the only such retailer in the area. As a result, it is able to offer an exclusive selection of eyewear, reflecting the latest design trends, not found or available anywhere else in Toledo or the surrounding region. Consequently, Georgeann and the store have earned an enviable widespread reputation - evidenced by the many people from across the U.S. who shop there!

A visit to the Optical Shop truly is an extraordinary shopping experience for those discriminating and sophisticated shoppers with discerning tastes, who recognize it as the only destination for the region's finest in exclusive eyewear.

Georgeann Kohn

Georgeann Kohn has a passion for helping people see better and in the process helping them to see themselves better. She founded the Optical Shop in 1982 to bring her vision to life, and has pursued her passion as its owner for the last 27 years. She brings unparalleled skill and remarkable sensitivity in recommending and fitting just the right eyewear to suit a customer's lifestyle and complement the features of each individual's face.

From the beginning, Georgeann has cultivated long-standing personal relationships with many of the owners and designers of leading eyewear firms from around the world. Through these relationships, The Optical Shop continues to rank among a very select, elite group of fine eyewear retailers in the U.S., sought out by leading designers. As a result, she ensures that she is able to offer clients an exclusive selection of eyewear that reflect the latest design trends, that are not found or available anywhere else in Toledo or the surrounding region.

Georgeann is a Licensed Dispensing Optician, past President of the Northwest Ohio Opticians Association as well as a Liaison to the State Board of Opticians. In addition to owning her own shop, she consults extensively, conducts seminars widely and is a sought after national speaker on topics and issues related to eyewear.

Community Involvement

We are locally-owned and choose to be involved in our hometown where we, as well as you, live, work and play. We provide support to a variety of endeavors, and a diverse group of charitable causes and events.