Special Eyewear Offerings & Services

While many of our clients know us for our exclusive eyewear collections, we also provide the following services – some only available through us.


The Optical Shop also recommends the highest quality lenses and specialized coatings, appropriately matched to the style of frame, and taking into consideration the customer’s prescription requirements as well as the lifestyle needs of the wearer.

Out of Store Consultations

We understand that sometimes they are unique circumstance that can make it difficult to visit our store. In those instances, we are available for special appointments arranged outside of regular store hours.

We also can schedule visits to homes, hospitals, extended-care or assisted-living facilities upon request.

Specialized Eyewear for Work & Recreation

We can suggest and fit specialized eyewear suitable for a variety of occupational and recreational needs; including prescription sunglasses, sports goggles or underwater scuba gear, or even gas masks with integrated prescription lenses, that all allow the wearer to participate without the need to wear glasses. The Optical Shop provides exclusive consultation advice and service as well as ensuring the best and correct fit.

In addition, we are the exclusive source for GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear, designed for people who spend significant amounts of their day in front of digital monitors. Through research on how the eye interacts with digital devices, GUNNAR Eyewear has developed lens technology for its line of Digital Performance Eyewear that delivers a distinct visual advantage by working with and enhancing the properties of the human eye.

Vintage Glasses & Frames

Over the years, we have assembled quite a selection of vintage eyewear. We would be happy to discuss what we have available with the discerning vintage eyewear collector.